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Sponsored Riders

We offer professional event photos to our sponsored riders, and you can apply to have your photos sponsored in the MRTV community page open category for sponsored riders. 


Lexi Hope

As an athlete, my passion lies in competing at the highest level in my sport. From a young age, I excelled in pony showing and eventually transitioned to dressage where I competed up to level 7. Recently, I made the transition to eventing and haven’t looked back since. My new horse has given me a new challenge and I am loving every minute of it. I believe that hard work and dedication have helped me achieve my goals so far, but I am always striving to learn more and improve my performance.

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Sophia Savage

As an athlete, my passion for horses has driven me to reach new heights. I have a team of 2 horses named Pi and Ellie. Pi has been with me for a year and is an amazing horse who has helped me compete at 95 eventing and 105 show jumping. With Pi, I plan to step up to 105 or 2* eventing and take on 120 show jumping. Recently, I acquired my horse Ellie, but I'm already making plans to compete with her at 2*. I'm excited about the opportunities ahead and can't wait to see where my horses will take me.

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